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WRLTD series continue with the 12-inch by Maltese producer Christopher Buhagiar. Previously known as N.d (Natch Records, Subself Records, Reaktivate), now he hides under the name of Hail Blk. With launching of his own self-titled label, he took a step forward in his creative evolution, producing raw analogic techno on the edge between harsh post-industrial grooves and deep hypnotic soundscapes. Now we can hear this kind of magic in original tracks on the A-side of the current EP. On the B-side there are 2 amazing remixes of the title track: the apocalyptic industrial anthem by Tomohiko Sagae (Rodz-Konez, Hue Helix), and the multi-layered hallucinogenic excursion by Datura Dilema (Subsist, Modularz).

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Hail Blk - Hypno Blk / Wunderblock Records - WRLTD005 (RU12")

Hail Blk - Hypno Blk / Wunderblock Records - WRLTD005 (RU12")

Cat No: 11034
Label: Wunderblock Records