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This man builds frequency converters during the day. But at nighttime he is living a totally different life as a dj, producer and sound enthusiast.

Both the man and his music originate from the sunny city of Vaasa on the west coast of Finland. There's not much nightlife in Vaasa if you're into underground techno. On the other hand, you have more than enough time for creativity. For this man, it means boosting experimental sounds from his studio in an old military facility occupied by modern art collectives.

In the past, Vesa-Matti was involved in different ambient and experimental music groups, but now he concentrates more on his solo work. He kicked off with a 7-track debut Ep on the Ljudverket label in 2013. He then continued with digital releases on the American Labrynth label and the Ukranian Subself Records. In 2015, the time had come for his own project label called Snakesynk Records. Then followed a very limited split 7-inch on yet another project label Ostrobothnia Power Discs. Vesa-Matti is now touring actively in techno clubs and events in southern Finland.

Vesa-Matti is a member of the Meltdown Deejays collective that was founded in his hometown back in 1993. Meltdown is now releasing the Miller Street Sessions Ep containing five of Vesa-Matti's tracks. These sounds originated in his previous studio, located in an old brick building on Miller Street. The late night sessions in a building that mostly hosted rock bands resulted in several hours of recorded drum patterns, loops and synth lines creating a fascinating fusion of Nordic-flavoured dub esthetics and twisted sound manipulations. From this sound diary Vesa-Matti cut and edited five tracks for the Miller Street Sessions Ep. This work of art is pressed in 300 copies. Get yours and play it loud!

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Vesa-Matti - Miller Street Sessions / Meltdown Deejays - MLTDWN-001 (EU12")

Vesa-Matti - Miller Street Sessions / Meltdown Deejays - MLTDWN-001 (EU12")

Cat No: 10511
Label: Meltdown Deejays