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Vimana - Rukma Vimana ‎/ Vimana - VMN001 (EU12")

Vimana - Rukma Vimana ‎/ Vimana - VMN001 (EU12")

Cat No: 15058

Sanskrit scriptures mention the term vimana as flying vehicles or temples. Consequently, the sound of this ancient UFO has been captured into the grooves of this vinyl record. The soundscapes of Rukma Vimana dig deep into the dirty history of raw and hypnotic industrial techno. Nobody said that spiritual journeys are a clean endeavour. A1 marches forward into the dark lands of dirty drums and urges you to follow it, as it's your duty to dance hard in this life. Flip the vinyl and the needle will tickle your subconsciousness. Excavating deep tantalizing melodies and dusty basslines, one should not get lost in the palace of this unknown god. Closing with a meditative sketch, B2 leaves us puzzled about the vortex of energy we've just been through.