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Sonns ‎– Tame / Kompakt ‎– KOMPAKT383 (EU12")

Sonns ‎– Tame / Kompakt ‎– KOMPAKT383 (EU12")

Cat No: 14911
Label: Kompakt

A staple of the Los Angeles house and techno scene, Alexandre Mouracade’s much developed CV speaks volumes as for the consistency and impact of the man’s contribution to the city of angels’ nightlife for the past two decades. Founder of the seminal Making Shapes party as well as a knowledgeable techno and disco head, this versatile all-rounder eventually established as a full-fledged producer in the past years, releasing solo under his real name and the alias of Sonns, and alongside fellow partner in crime Travis Kirschbaum as Split Secs on their own Machine Limited outlet.

After a first appearance on Kompakt back in 2015, Mouracade revives his Sonns moniker with ‘Tame’, a three-track mixture of sun-basking grooves, foot-shuffling rhythms and luscious vocals courtesy of former DJ Harvey collaborator Beesh. Setting things in hypnotic motion, the title-track oozes an inviting synthesis of early morning flavours and flowery summer scents, pensive and rousing in equal measure. The revolving, train-like pulse of ‘Across The Pond’ then further weaves heady kaleidoscopic motifs before in-demand Italian duo Marvin & Guy take over the flip to add their inimitable touch to Sonns’ warm and cozy house climates with a bespoke Italo-indebted revamp.