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Model Nice ‎– Nice To Meet You / Easytiiger ‎– ETR004 (EU12")

Model Nice ‎– Nice To Meet You / Easytiiger ‎– ETR004 (EU12")

Cat No: 14876

In this oversharing era, uncommon is for an artist to choose to remain in total anonymity. Even for the Easytiiger teamwork, the real persona behind the Model Nice act is still a complete mistery – actually not a problem when the sound speaks for itself. The debut EP “Nice To Meet You” arrives with four raw dance burner gems, including a futuristic arp killer remix from the lemon-fanta guy, Pépe, for the song “Cravo Amargo”.

Besides the rough-shaped aspect of the sound, this EP reveals a very sharp and sophisticated production, with complex element layer works that could perfectly fit as the soundtrack for a Blade Runner microcosm built inside of a night club. “Nice To Meet You” invites you to this journey through a particular soothing world, surrounded by a complex & confessional mood without saying… well, a single word.