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Ulterior Motive - 002EP / Guidance ‎– GDNCE002 (UK12")

Ulterior Motive - 002EP / Guidance ‎– GDNCE002 (UK12")

Cat No: 14285

Ulterior Motive are finally ready to release their long awaited collaboration with DRS, 'Hey Judas'. Instantly recognisable and yelled for in seconds, this track has been doing serious damage wherever it's been dropped in the last few months. DRS lays down a sweet 16, and twinned with UM's razor sharp beats and bass, it's a deadly combination.

The AA side showcases a true master class in Modular madness, as the guys team up with technical Bristolian wizard DLR.

Growling itself all the way to the front, this sizeable slab of bass and percussion brings the funk and the vibe to the floor, bringing that 98 sound firmly up to date.
We're only at 002 in the Guidance catalogue and the bar has been resolutely raised. Watch out, there's so much more to come.