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ETHER002 is an EP titled Triplane by Hannu Ikola. The release includes three unique tracks with a diverse approach to modern techno. Starting off the release, a blend between experimental styles and big room techno, "Black Ingrained Dust" draws from driving rhythmic elements and swelling textures. "Escape Pod" is a cut with classic drum machine aesthetics, echoing the golden age of techno. The closing track "Pylon" is a dubby techno heater with growling synth basses and ghostly detuned chords, presenting a strong analogue flavour.

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Hannu Ikola - Triplane EP / Etherwerks - ETHER002 (EU12")

Hannu Ikola - Triplane EP / Etherwerks - ETHER002 (EU12")

Cat No: 10002
Label: Etherwerks