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V/A - Momentary Records 002 / Momentary Records - MMNT002 (UK12")

V/A - Momentary Records 002 / Momentary Records - MMNT002 (UK12")

Cat No: 12491

The brainchild of synth nerds Juxtpose and JDK, analog jam project JDJX opens things up with 'Disco Machine'. Led by a warbling bassline, an anthemic synth melody punctuates the mix. Label founder Ben Houghton returns on a similar tip, his track 'Night Channels' bringing pounding kicks and saturated chords together with a classic vocal sample for yet another stripped-back house burner. Hymns' aptly named Giant 90s Rephlex Analord Based Love Affair' pays homage to early inspirations as he crafts a deadly and precise mix of electro-infused techno. With closing track 'Reigning', Melbourne legend Rambl lets the subs do the talking. This deep, grooving dub techno jam floats tape delays, synth stabs and hi hats over a rib rattling bassline to hypnotic effect.