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Drafted ‎– Frame secrets EP / Invite's Choice Records ‎– ICR008 (EU12")

Drafted ‎– Frame secrets EP / Invite's Choice Records ‎– ICR008 (EU12")

Cat No: 12263
Label: Invite's Choice Records

After starting out with EP's showcasing tracks by various artists, Invite's Choice is back with a 3 track EP by Drafted.

The EP is opened by Detached with it's dominating, repeating tom/percussive low-end sound. The frequential spectrum is filled up by other percussive elements and reverb-filled effects, which give the track a spacious feel. Oxidian starts out in your face with it's droning and repetitive synth. The track evolves into an abstract apogee with intense synthesis before it breaks down again, allowing for a smooth mix to be made. Sphere closes down this 3-track EP on the B-side and does so with lot's of fast changing hi-hat and ride patterns and one sharp sounding synthesizer, which makes it a perfect B-side closing track. Once again a great showcase of sustainable modern day electronic music by Invite's Choice!