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Again shooting for the altitudes reached on MANHIGH’s first journey, Henning Baer’s second operation returns to the endeavour with a newly diversified mission. ‘Operator’ finds us already at the furthest edge of the atmosphere, pulsating waves of distorted electronics and distant, disembodied voices floating in the void. ‘Pittsburgh Left’ is the fall back to earth, the unrelenting metallic rhythm slowly gaining momentum, momentary shifts in perspective and detail flashing by as the decent accelerates inexorably. The contemplation before leaving the ground, ‘AIIM’ slowly anticipates the ascent and examines the cosmos before lift-off. Surely the launch phase ‘Canadian Suit’ is both reflective and onrushing, trapped between tense, contrasting moments before being flung into the unknown. Displaying both Henning Baer’s typically acute feeling for talent and Kangding Ray’s restless ear, the remix of ‘AIIM’ is a complete reinterpretation, setting grinding triplet rhythms in an industrial soundscape that suggests travels more fearful than those that surround it.

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Henning Baer - Pittsburgh Left (Kangding Ray Remix) / Manhigh - MANHIGH002 (DE12")

Henning Baer - Pittsburgh Left (Kangding Ray Remix) / Manhigh - MANHIGH002 (DE12")

Cat No: 11479
Label: ManHigh