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These pieces produced by Modvs emulate and capture the atmosphere experienced in a forgotten city space. Mayfield Train Station stands in the heart of the city. A piece of Manchester's history that remains inhabited, abandoned and frozen in time. Much of the structure is unsafe, poorly lit and access is nearly impossible. Inside lies vast dark rooms, decaying platforms and crumbling brick walls. Modus takes it upon himself to explore such environments, taking inspiration and enlightenment that he injects into his music. This EP showcases the contrasting feelings one can experience when delving further into the darkness. All this also interpreted by Antonio Vazquez and Korridor. TIP!

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Modvs - Mayfield / Hypnus Records - HYPNUS001RP (EU12")

Modvs - Mayfield / Hypnus Records - HYPNUS001RP (EU12")

Cat No: 11358
Label: Hypnus Records