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Analog synth techno unit by Lena, formed in 2013 by Hisashi Saito as a producer. "galcid" performs in improvisational style with their policy "No PC ! No Preset !!" The memorable 1st album"hertz"in digital format, released upon in worldwide from Detroit Underground, attracted Karl Hyde (Underworld), Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle) and other well-known musician all over the world. The sound going by in the margin between functional dance music and electronic music as sound art is, so to speak, the digital funk-ness. Recorded 9 tracks, sustaining the variable and rhythm of inorganic electronic sound in search for the elemental parts in techno music. The album jacket artwork is designed by The Designers Republic.

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Galcid - Hertz EP / Underground Gallery Recordings - DU28 (EU12")

Galcid - Hertz EP / Underground Gallery Recordings - DU28 (EU12")